Tutors assist students who need special help with understanding an academic subject. Therefore tutors must be patient and careful to communicate information in a way that students can comprehend and thus improve their knowledge of the subject. However tutors can also assist their students in a general way giving them advice on how to budget their time motivating them to study on a regular basis and teaching them how to use rational strategies when solving the kinds of problems or answering the types of questions that are usually found on exams. Tutors must get to know their students well so that they can tailor their approach to the individual student’s needs and style of learning. They must also evaluate their students’ progress on a regular basis to make sure that their teaching is beneficial to the students’ academic understanding of the subject they are trying to explain. Tutors can work from their own offices or homes but some travel to the homes of the students they are hired to help. Some tutoring is not done in person but via online venues. Most tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree usually in a subject or related topic that they are helping students to learn. It is also helpful if they have taken some college courses in education and have had some experience with classroom teaching. The website httpjobdescriptionsguide.com says that hourly earnings for tutors vary widely depending on location subject matter and experience. First-time tutors usually charge $10 an hour but those with experience and demonstrated success can charge up to $75 an hour.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $88400
High Salary: $156000
Low Salary: $20800
Tasks: Helps others learn.
Assists students with their academics.
Evaluates students' progress.
Provides students with confidence.
Also Called: Teacher
Academic Coach
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5646414_job-description-tutor.html