Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers are individuals who have the desire motivation and patience to help children with special needs in a classroom setting. Some special education teachers work with children and adolescents that are severely mentally challenged or suffer from disorders such as autism. More often however they teach children with mild to moderate learning physical or emotional disabilities and thus need a curriculum that is modified to suit the students’ needs. Some special education teachers work with children under the age of five but most are employed in elementary middle and secondary schools. They prepare individualized lesson plans and find creative techniques to get subject matter across to their students. They develop curricula matched to the abilities of their students with the goal of helping students develop skills they can use once they graduate. In addition to actual teaching they communicate with parents school administrators school psychologists and sometimes physical therapists as to students’ needs and progress. In many cases they teach special education students in a separate classroom. However some serve as resource teachers providing individualized instruction to students who are in regular classrooms. Special education teachers must be licensed which they can usually obtain by earning a bachelor’s degree and completing a state-approved special education training program. In some states special education teachers must have a master’s degree. The website www.searchbydegree.com says that there will be a higher than average increase in employment opportunities for special education teachers because of the greater numbers of students expected to need these services. Earnings for special education teachers depend on the school and the age of the children with whom they work. The median salary is approximately $46300 $47700 and $48300 for teachers in elementary schools middle schools and secondary schools respectively.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $47300
High Salary: $48300
Low Salary: $46300
Tasks: Provides educational support to students with disabilities.
Teaches in a special education classrooms.
Coordinates instruction between multiple students who are at different educational levels.
Develops individualized lesson plans for each student.
Also Called: Speech Education Teacher
Developmental Disorders Teacher
Special Needs Teacher
At-Risk Teacher
Additional Resources: http://www.suite101.com/content/special-education-teacher-job-description-a259617