A registrar works for a college or university where they organize and supervise student records. They keep track of admissions registrations grades transcripts certifications and degrees. They play a critical role in the administration of the school for which they work because they help to plan and enforce several academic policies related to the enrollment process. They also uphold across-the-board procedures related to student and academic records. A registrar’s office usually consists of several administrative staff members and the registrar oversees the entire department. Due to ever-changing advances in technology a registrar must be able to keep up with the most technically advanced registration and grade reporting methods. Additionally a registrar is in charge of overseeing the scheduling of courses each semester trimester or quarter which involves determining class times class locations and class instructors. The website says that because of the complexity involved with class schedules especially on a large university campus a registrar must be able to work collaboratively with school administrators deans faculty members and students. The job of a registrar is year-round but they tend to be busier during the fall winter and spring than in the summer months. It is part of a registrar’s job to keep up-to-date on ever-changing governmental rules that are related to students’ rights as related to privacy and academic records. While it is possible to obtain a position as a registrar with only a bachelor’s degree most have a master’s degree. The salary range for a registrar is between $51960 and $80922 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $66441
High Salary: $80922
Low Salary: $51960
Tasks: Oversees student records.
Manages the registration process for a school.
Maintains a database of records.
Provides transcripts upon request.
Also Called: School Administrator
Admissions Representative
Student Services Administrator
Registration Department Manager
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