Professors are full-time faculty members at four-year colleges and universities where they teach advise and mentor undergraduate andor graduate students perform service for both the university and the community and in some cases carry out administrative duties as well. Professors who work at universities are usually expected to conduct original research consult for government or other agencies attend professional meetings to give speeches or research reports and publish their work in journals or books. Professors are categorized into three ranks assistant associate and full. At most institutions the rank of assistant professor is for entry-level faculty members and it does not come with tenure which is similar to a guaranteed continuing contract. After a specific period of time usually five to seven years together with an excellent teaching service and research record assistant professors may be promoted to the tenured rank of associate professor. Promotion to the level of full professor does not come after any set period of time and is not achieved by all faculty members. Rather the rank of full professor is usually earned only by those whose teaching is outstanding or whose research is published in the most respected sources and recognized nationally and internationally. Adjunct professors teach part-time on an as-needed basis but such positions do not carry tenure nor do they come with the rights and privileges of full-time faculty members. In order to become a professor individuals must first earn a bachelor’s degree and at almost all institutions they must also have a doctoral degree in a specific field of study. According to the website earnings for professors vary widely depending on the institution and on their department. The median annual salary for professors is $73000 but some can earn over $100000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $86500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $73000
Tasks: Conducts research on specific areas of expertise.
Teaches college level courses.
Publishes research results in scholarly journals.
Serves on department committees.
Also Called: College Faculty
Adjunct Professor
Collegiate Professor
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