Marine Life Trainer

Marine mammal trainers are people who love animals and take great pleasure spending many hours taking care of their physical and mental needs. Marine mammal trainers work with large marine mammals such as seals dolphins sea lions and whales. They are in charge of preparing the appropriate food and feeding them as well as cleaning the area in which the mammals live. Once the mammals’ physical needs are met there are often sessions in which the trainer uses positive reinforcement to teach the animals certain behaviors. Trainers also provide mental stimulation by playing with them and they are on the alert for any signs of illness. Marine mammal trainers are often in charge of giving educational talks to people who visit the area. They usually work in zoos or aquariums. They often work long and irregular hours because animals must be cared for not only on weekdays but also on weekends evenings and holidays. When animals are ill they must be monitored around the clock. Although much of their work can be pleasurable some of the duties marine mammal trainers perform can be physically exhausting. Also there is a certain risk of injury. Obtaining a job as a marine mammal trainer is competitive because there are more job candidates than there are positions. Those most likely to have success in securing a job need to have experience working in this field even if some of the work was performed on a volunteer basis. The website says that marine mammal trainers earn a median annual salary of approximately $27000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $34050
High Salary: $51400
Low Salary: $16700
Tasks: Trains animals such as dolphins, seals and sea lions.
Presents marine mammals in shows.
Provides educational information to the public.
Teaches desired behaviors to marine mammals.
Also Called: Dolphin Trainer
Animal Trainer
Marine Mammal Educator
Marine Mammal Caretaker
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