High School Teacher

The job of a high school teacher is demanding full of responsibility and accountability and challenging. However at the same time it is a rewarding and respectful profession and one that can impact students’ futures in many positive ways. A majority of high school teachers specialize in one particular subject – – such as social studies English or science. They then teach a different group of students the same material during several different periods or classes throughout the school day. High school teachers must prepare for their daily classes through written lesson plans engage students in classroom discussions distribute and grade assignments administer and grade tests and quizzes and organize class projects. Additional duties of high school teachers may include taking classroom attendance disciplining students and providing out-of-class help to students on an as-needed basis. The goal of a high school teacher is to prepare students for life once they graduate high school. Upon graduation many high school students attend some type of college or vocational school and high school teachers must prepare them for the academic rigors of higher education classes. High school teachers must also prepare students who do not plan on attending college with the basic skills needed to enter the workforce upon graduation. According to careers.stateuniversity.com a high school teacher makes a median annual salary of about $41400 to $45970 per year. However the exact salary depends on the part of the country the funding that the school district receives to pay teachers and the level of education of the teacher – – those with master’s degrees generally receive higher salaries. While some school districts do not require that their high school teachers have master’s degrees all require a bachelor’s degree plus a teaching certificate.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $43685
High Salary: $45970
Low Salary: $41400
Tasks: Writes lesson plans.
Gets students involved in learning.
Teaches a particular subject.
Deals with behavioral and safety issues in the classroom.
Also Called: Instructor
School Teacher
Classroom Teacher
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/739/Teacher-Secondary-School.html