Elementary School Teacher

Individuals who enjoy working with children and want to make a difference in their lives should consider becoming an elementary school teacher. Those who aspire to this career must be patient energetic and motivated to create an environment that will promote children's educational and emotional growth. In general they must be competent at teaching a variety of subjects at an appropriate level. Besides academics they also need to teach social skills. Elementary school teachers work in both public and private schools. To become an elementary school teacher individuals must complete a bachelor's degree. The degree can be in any number of subjects but for public school teachers most states require a certain number of education course credits. In addition students usually complete an internship as student teachers before they graduate. According to the website www.citytowninfo.com public school teachers must have teaching certification which is granted upon completion of the approved set of education courses an internship and a competency test in basic skills such as reading writing and arithmetic. Once hired however teachers are often expected to continue their education by taking courses toward a master's degree. Private schools do not require teachers to meet state licensing requirements but the individuals hired must have a bachelor's degree in childhood education and often they must have values that are in line with those of the school's philosophy. The website httpcareerplanning.about.com states that job prospects for elementary school teachers are good especially for those willing to teach in less desirable school districts. The median annual salary for elementary school teachers is approximately $50000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $50000
High Salary: $55000
Low Salary: $45000
Tasks: Teaches in public or private schools.
Develops lesson plans.
Assists children with learning.
Prepares, administers, and grades tests.
Also Called: Teacher
School Specialist
Additional Resources: http://www.citytowninfo.com/education-articles/career-guides/how-to-become-an-elementary-school-teacher