Community Outreach Worker

A person who works as a community outreach worker has the ability to positively change the lives of people in need of support encouragement and motivation.

A community outreach worker is a person with a true desire to help members of a community improve their chances of acquiring professional success help others learn through educational advancement and help them to obtain long-term life management skills.

The work of a community outreach worker is often extremely challenging because it involves motivating people who may be unskilled at making healthy and positive choices for themselves and it also involves developing close mentor-like relationships with strangers.

Some of the duties of a community outreach worker include developing classes and workshops that members of the community can attend creating activities and alternatives for young members of the community after school hours helping to convince children to attend school on a regular basis and helping individuals who need assistance with improving their life situations.

In some cases a community outreach worker is a volunteer and works without any type of monetary payment. However some are employed by federal state andor local organizations. Most local positions pay less than those supported by the federal government and the average salaries for these jobs is between $23000 and $35000 per year. The educational requirement for a community outreach worker is a high school diploma.

More important than education for this type of position is the ability to handle potentially emotionally draining situations and the true desire to work solely for the purpose of helping those who need encouragement.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $29000
High Salary: $35000
Low Salary: $23000
Tasks: Helps to positively change the lives of others.
Motivates members of the community to learn new skills.
Develops classes and workshops.
Convinces children to attend school.
Also Called: Human Services Worker
Social Services Worker
Community Support Worker
Social Worker
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