Child Support Officer

Child support officers make sure that child support payments that have been ordered in divorce decrees are made in a timely manner. They interview custodial parents who claim they are due child support payments. When necessary they try to locate non-custodial parents who are delinquent in making child support payments. They may have to track down an absent parent using information from the postal service military or employment records or financial institutions.

In general child support officers start out at an entry level where they are supervised closely on how to use the computer to access data bases relevant to their cases. In this initial period they become familiar with federal state and local laws about child support as well as with enforcement procedures used to collect payments.

They are responsible for keeping accurate and detailed files on each case. Once they complete a period of training usually at least a year and have a firm understanding of the forms and procedures used to enforce child support payments they can move to the next level where they work independently on various cases conduct investigative interviews seek out various sources of corroborating information on failure to pay child support and if necessary work with attorneys to initiate legal proceedings against the delinquent parent. As their experience increases they can be assigned to more complex cases.

The website says that child support officers need a bachelor's degree in a field such as social work human services family ecology or psychology. Pay for child support officers depends on education experience level and location. According to the website child support officers earn annual salaries that range from approximately $32000 to approximately $47000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $39500
High Salary: $47000
Low Salary: $32000
Tasks: Enforces orders for child support.
Locates absent parents.
Establishes paternity.
Knows the laws and regulations of the governing child support program.
Also Called: Child Support Investigator
Child Welfare Specialist
Social Worker
Child Support Caseworker
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