Heritage Interpreter

Heritage interpreters are individuals who communicate information to others about culture historical and national heritage. They develop educational programs and make verbal presentations in which they also use audiovisual techniques to convey information to various audiences in an interesting and stimulating way. They must be personable and also good at public speaking and their interest and knowledge about a particular topic must be readily apparent to people who attend their talks. Those considered to be heritage interpreters include park rangers guides and naturalists. Also included in the category of heritage interpreters are curators docents and educators in any type of museum or those who greet and speak with the public at facilities such as zoos. Whatever the subject and the place of work however all heritage interpreters have in common that they share their knowledge with those who want to listen to them communicate factual information stories messages and interpretations about their surroundings. According to the website httpdiscovertourism.ca heritage interpreters need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. In addition a college degree in tourism or ecotourism is beneficial for obtaining employment. It is also helpful to have National Occupational Certification as a Heritage Interpreter. Training in public speaking and giving tours is often required because heritage interpreters are essentially in a leadership position with the public for the time the public is visiting a facility. The website www.salaryexpert.com reports that heritage interpreters earn annual salaries ranging from approximately $31000 to $58000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $44500
High Salary: $58000
Low Salary: $31000
Tasks: Helps others understand cultural history.
Explains the origins of artifacts.
Conducts lectures related to historical events or items.
Completely understands their subject matter.
Also Called: Interpretation Officer
Heritage Communicator
Interpretive Specialist
Additional Resources: http://discovertourism.ca/employees/careers/heritage_interpreter.aspx