Ethnologists who are sometimes called “cultural anthropologists” specialize in the study of Western and non-Western cultures and societies that are both in existence now and also those that are extinct. They conduct research on the behaviors language characteristics values and religious practices of various ethnic and cultural groups. Most ethnologists specialize in one particular group or in societies located in one part of the world. Many ethnologists work in academic settings such as colleges and universities where they teach and conduct research in the area of their interest. They write books and publish their research findings in professional journals. Some ethnologists work for government and for museums. Although they spend a great deal of time in offices and libraries they may travel to distant parts of the world to study the social structure of the societies in which they specialize. Those who aspire to a career as an ethnologist must earn not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree or a Ph.D. (doctoral) degree in anthropology or ethnology all of which can take up to a decade to complete. As part of their graduate studies they do fieldwork to study the group or society in which they are interested and it is advisable for them to serve in a research assistant position while they are earning their degree. According to the website the doctoral degree is needed for most academic jobs although government agencies and private firms may sometimes hire ethnologists with master’s degrees. The website says that annual salaries for ethnologists range from approximately $25300 to $133000.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $79150
High Salary: $133000
Low Salary: $25300
Tasks: Studies various cultures.
Researches the interactions between different ethnic groups.
Examines how cultures have evolved over time.
Creates a history of cultures.
Also Called: Anthropologist
Social Scientist
Cultural Scientist
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