Psychometrists are practitioners who administer and score intelligence aptitude and achievement tests that are given to evaluate people for any number of reasons. Some also administer tests designed to assess personality interests and emotional status. These test instruments are sometimes completed on paper or they can involve pictures or psychomotor tasks. Psychometrists must administer all tests under highly standardized conditions that usually require that specific instructions be given to test takers and often that certain timing guidelines be followed. Psychometrists score the test results and some also interpret the test results often in the form of a written report. The results of these tests are used to help place children in the appropriate learning levels in school to help people decide on a career path or to help assess job applicants to see if they have the ability to perform in a certain position and to help determine a person’s emotional well-being. Psychometrists can be employed by schools to test students by the government or private companies and organizations to assess personnel. They can also work on a freelance basis in a consultant capacity. Psychometrists must have at least a bachelor’s degree usually in a social science but in many cases they have master’s degrees. The website says that earnings depend largely on the employer and on experience. Those with one year or less experience earn between $28000 and $42500 but ten years or more experience they can earn between $39663 and $54045.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $41022.5
High Salary: $54045
Low Salary: $28000
Tasks: Administers psychological tests.
Provides test results to teachers, employers and counselors.
Interprets test results.
Measures a human's mental and emotions capacity.
Also Called: Test Scorer
Test Developer
IQ Test Administrator
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