Physicists investigate the laws of nature and how matter interacts with energy. They are knowledgeable about subjects such as theories on light sound gravity and mechanics and how the principles of these theories affect the environment. Some physics conduct basic research while others do applied research intended to solve practical problems using the principles of physics. Physics is a broad field and there are many specialties such as nuclear physics geophysics and astrophysics. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees in physics take courses in optics nuclear and particle physics as well as thermodynamics electromagnetism quantum mechanics advanced mathematics and computer science. They are often employed as technicians in engineering-related jobs or as research assistants in physics laboratories. Most physicists have doctoral degrees in physics after which they serve for a number of years in post-doctoral positions in which they conduct research in a specific area under the supervision of more experienced physicists. Physicists must have not only strong mathematical ability and computer skills but also they must have inquisitive minds and the ability to work independently. Physicists are employed in many capacities. Some work for the government conducting research in the space and defense departments. Others work in the private sector for engineering or manufacturing firms where they conduct research and develop new products. Still others work for scientific firms or are on the faculties of colleges and universities where they teach and do research. According to the website physicists earn an average yearly salary of approximately $106500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $106500
High Salary: $126500
Low Salary: $86500
Tasks: Studies various scientific theories.
Conducts experiments to study the laws of nature.
Determines exactly how matter behaves under various circumstances.
Researches ways to convert energy from one form to another.
Also Called: Particle Physicist
Nuclear Physicist
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