Petroleum Engineering Technologist

The world would not function as it currently does without the existence of petroleum. Petroleum is the substance used to fuel automobiles and machinery. Although many countries are currently trying to develop alternative types of fuel the reliance on petroleum is huge and hence the demand for it is high. Petroleum engineering technologists work together with petroleum engineers scientists geologists and others to determine the best possible way extract petroleum from inside the earth. Petroleum engineering technologists sometimes work with geologists on determining specific areas where petroleum is likely to exist but they are more commonly responsible for deciding the best method for drilling and they also oversee the individuals who operate the drilling machinery to determine if any changes to the process should be made. According to the website it is the job of petroleum engineers and petroleum engineering technologists to search for the drilling method that will cost the least yet extract the largest amount of petroleum as possible. Petroleum engineering technologists play an integral role in the petroleum industry. They are often involved in every aspect of the extraction process. Not only do they help to determine the best method for extracting petroleum but they also evaluate its quality. Most petroleum engineering technologists work for drilling companies and much of their work is completed on-site both indoors and outdoors. The website states that the educational requirement for a petroleum engineering technologist is an associate’s degree in an area such as petroleum engineering technology. Such degrees are offered at community colleges or vocational schools around the United States. The average yearly salary for a petroleum engineering technologist ranges from $22600 to $60200 per year depending on experience.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $41400
High Salary: $60200
Low Salary: $22600
Tasks: Supervises drilling operations.
Takes readings from measurement instruments.
Ensures that machinery is in good working order.
Conducts quality control tests.
Also Called: Geological Technologist
Geophysical Technologist
Petroleum Drilling Technologist
Petroleum Technician
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