Numerology is an ancient science that is related to the evaluation of numbers. Numerologists use a person’s name and date of birth to provide insight into that person’s life. They assign specific numbers to the letters in a person’s name and combine those numbers with the person’s date of birth and they translate those numbers into messages that they believe can help provide guidance on how to live a successful happy and harmonious existence. Many people believe that numerologists are fortune tellers mind readers magicians and members of the occult. However numerologists do not necessarily agree with these opinions. Numerologists believe that their skill at analyzing numbers is a science that should be as respected as chemistry astronomy and mathematics. The goal of numerologists is to give their clients insight about their undiscovered or natural talents and abilities as well as details about their personalities. Also they give advice when they believe that their clients’ “energies” are out of balance which they believe can cause depression and anxiety disorders. In order to become a numerologist it is essential to be a true believer in numerology and the power it has over the direction of people’s lives. There are courses and books available to learn more about this profession but there are not any specific educational requirements for this career. Years of experience are necessary for handling clients with complicated or multiple names. The website lists the median salary for a numerologist at $38688 per year and some numerologists have a steady stream of regular clients who see them for frequent readings and analysis.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $38688
High Salary: $41688
Low Salary: $35688
Tasks: Attaches meanings to numbers.
Associates numbers to letters.
Analyzes dreams using numbers.
Provides guidance and advice to their clients.
Also Called: Fortune Teller
Mind Reader
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