Nuclear Monitoring Technician

Nuclear materials are potentially dangerous so nuclear monitoring technicians are needed to watch over radiation levels in nuclear facilities conduct nuclear tests and maintain the facilities in which they work so that the threat of radioactive contamination is kept to a minimum. Because nuclear monitoring technicians work closely with nuclear materials there is a danger associated with their jobs. In rare instances nuclear monitoring technicians are exposed to radiation and they therefore must be reasonably comfortable with the potential risks associated with their daily work responsibilities. According to the website some of the typical daily job duties for nuclear monitoring technicians include collecting environmental samples to determine contamination levels operating radiation detectors and providing direction when radiation levels are above allowable concentrations. They are trained to decontaminate items that have been exposed to nuclear materials and also to secure nuclear waste in appropriate containers that have been designed for permanent disposal. In order to become a nuclear monitoring technician it is necessary to first obtain either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with a major in the field of science biology chemistry physics or another related subject. After gaining experience as technicians many who have bachelor’s degrees advance their careers by becoming nuclear engineers. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics states that nuclear monitoring technicians earn an average salary of $67891 per year. Because nuclear facilities must be monitored 24 hours per day seven days per week nuclear monitoring technicians are sometimes required to work night shifts weekends and holidays.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $67891
High Salary: $77891
Low Salary: $57891
Tasks: Oversees radiation monitors.
Determines levels of radioactive contamination.
Tests detection equipment for accuracy.
Monitors radiation levels during tests.
Also Called: Nuclear Physicist
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Scientist
Radiation Protection Technician
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