Laboratory Technician

A good portion of a laboratory technician’s work day is spent in a scientific lab conducting tests on biological materials. They analyze tissue fluid or other biological samples to detect diseases or abnormalities using various types of laboratory equipment such as test tubes microscopes slides and centrifuges. Laboratory technicians must be extremely detail-oriented have excellent problem-solving skills and thrive on analyzing scientific test results. Some of the specific duties that a laboratory technician performs on a daily basis include preparing specimens and samples for observation cleaning and maintaining laboratory equipment ordering supplies for the laboratory consulting with other laboratory workers on test results and recording information in a computer system. They must also constantly adhere to safety and sanitary laboratory protocols. Typical employers of laboratory technicians according to are hospitals research institutions and medical clinics. They are supervised by doctors pathologists physicians or laboratory supervisors who provide them with guidance on-going training and opinions on test outcomes. According to laboratory technicians must have a minimum of an associate’s degree with a majority of courses related to biology laboratory terminology and other related subjects. Some employers require that their laboratory technicians obtain certification from a professional organization. Three of the typical organizations that offer certifications are the Board of Registry of the American Society for Clinical Pathology the American Medical Technologists Agency and the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel. Obtaining certification can allow for laboratory technicians to advance their careers to a higher level. The website lists the median salary for laboratory technicians as $30840 per year and the employment outlook for this career is excellent.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $31920
High Salary: $33000
Low Salary: $30840
Tasks: Conducts laboratory tests.
Works in hospitals, research facilities, or clinics.
Collects samples to be tested.
Sterilizes laboratory instruments.
Also Called: Clinical Laboratory Technician
Lab Tech
Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technician
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