Food Technologist

Ever wonder who compiles all the information on food labels? Food technologists have several responsibilities one of which is ensuring that the labels that are on food packaging accurately represent the ingredients used to make the packaged product. Additionally they work to make sure that manufactured food is safe and is processed and preserved correctly. With hundreds of millions of people in the United States alone who rely on food manufacturers to provide them with healthy safe and quick food items its essential that a food technologists work together with other types of food scientists to produce food that is at or above industry standards. The profession of food technology is broad and technologists may specialize in one or more specific areas. Some food technologists work in the research realm trying to develop food that is healthier. Other food technologists have the responsibility of overseeing the mass production of food ensuring that all batches yield food that has a consistent taste color and texture. Some food technologists may even work in the field interviewing consumers on their opinions of certain foods and what improvements should be made. The website states that the minimum education for a food technologist is a bachelors degree in agriculture science but some food technologists go on to earn their masters degree and some even pursue a Ph.D. The average salary for a food technologist according to is approximately $54000 per year. Jobs in this field are most commonly found at companies that process food or at state and federal food regulation agencies. However some food technologists also work as independent consultants.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $54000
High Salary: $58000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Oversees the transportation of food.
Ensures that food processing plants are clean.
Conducts tests on food to make sure it is safe.
Checks food for flavor, taste and color.
Also Called: Food Scientist
Food Technician
Food Research Technologist
Food Development Technologist
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