Engineer – Biochemical

Biochemical engineers use theories and knowledge from the field of engineering and apply them to the creation of biological substances or the solution of biological problems. According to the website biochemical engineers must be able to think creatively about ways of improving various aspects of living with much of their work conducted in laboratory settings often as part of a team. For example they work on developing natural fuels developing manufacturing or improving pharmaceuticals finding ways to preserve food or developing improved sanitation or water systems. To accomplish these goals they must understand laboratory processes and also be capable of analyzing data often using computer programs. Aspiring biochemical engineers must earn a four-year bachelor’s degree either in chemical engineering biology or another science-related field. However those who want to work in research design or wish to obtain management level jobs will either need extensive experience or more often a master’s degree or higher in order to be considered. Biochemical engineers work in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries as well as for water and waste treatment plants and their work can be for private industry as well as for the local state or federal government. Some serve as consultants to a number of industries or government agencies. Biochemical engineers’ earnings depend on specialty employer level of education and experience. The website says that entry level biochemical engineers earn approximately $48000. However the median salary for this profession is approximately $72000. In general private companies pay more than do government agencies.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $74000
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $48000
Tasks: Uses biology and chemistry together to create new products.
Develops manufacturing processes for biochemical creations.
Works with a team of biologists and chemists.
Monitors quality control of manufactured products.
Also Called: Chemical Engineer
Biological Engineer
Biochemical Technologist
Biochemical Scientist
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