One of the most commonly used items that was developed by electrochemists is the simple disposable battery. Batteries use a combination of electrical currents and chemicals to produce energy to run items as small as flashlights and calculators all the way up to items as large as vehicles. Electrochemists work on the development of devices that can function and produce energy using the combination of electrical currents and chemicals. Electrochemists have been working to develop electrochemical devices for well over one hundred years. An example of a product develop over a century ago is a car battery used to start some of the earliest model cars. Today electrochemists work to develop new types of products that are environmentally friendly and that can be re-charged – – such as batteries that would normally have been disposable which can now be re-charged at home. As a result of research and experimentation electrochemical products are now less expensive than they were previously they are better for the environment – such as in products used for cleaning. Electrochemical products are also used in the medical realm such as with glucose sensors which are electrochemical devices used by diabetics to test their blood-sugar levels. Because electrochemistry is a branch of chemistry an aspiring electrochemist must earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of chemistry in order to pursue this profession. Not only are electrochemists interested in developing new products but according to www.wisegeek.com they also work in laboratories to study the process of electroplanting generating electrical energy and natural electrochemical reactions such as corrosion and iron oxidation – – which is commonly referred to as “rust.” Electrochemists normally work as researchers and developers. Some work for private corporations and others work in a college or university setting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that a passion for math science chemistry and performing experiments in laboratories is essential for a career as an electrochemist. Additionally the average salary for this profession ranges from $39897 to $101687 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $70792
High Salary: $101687
Low Salary: $39897
Tasks: Studies the reactions between electrical currents and chemicals.
Analyzes electrochemical reactions.
Experiments with new types of batteries.
Determines new uses for electrical-chemical reactions.
Also Called: Chemist
Electrical Chemist
Laboratory Scientist
Chemical Scientist
Additional Resources: http://electrochem.cwru.edu/encycl/art-i02-introduction.htm