Chemical Technologist

Chemical technologists commonly work in one of two settings either in an industrial plant or in a laboratory. The role of a chemical technologist is similar to that of a chemical technician – they work as part of a team of chemists and chemical engineers to conduct experiments perform chemical research studies or oversee the process operations in plants that produce mass quantities of chemicals.

Chemical technologists normally have a higher level of responsibility that chemical technicians and often work more independently than technicians. Some of the typical duties of a chemical technologist include overseeing the equipment in laboratories and ensuring that it is in top working order getting chemical samples ready for studies keeping track of research results and maintaining them in a computer database and performing experiments to achieve desired chemical reactions.

Most chemical technologists have a minimum of an associate's degree and most attend continuing education classes throughout their career so they can stay informed about new advances in the chemical field.

According to the yearly salary for a chemical technologist ranges from $30000 per year to $55000 per year. Higher salaries depend on the area of the country where the job is located the employer and the experience level of the technologist.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $42500
High Salary: $55000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Performs chemical research studies.
Oversees process operations.
Ensures that laboratory equipment is in working order.
Gets chemicals ready for research studies.
Also Called: Chemical Technician
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Engineering Technologist
Chemical Engineering Technician
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