Chemical Research Tech

Chemical research technicians work under the direction of chemists in laboratories or in industrial chemical plants. They usually work in one of two main sectors for this profession research or process control. Chemical research technicians who work in the research realm normally focus their job duties on testing chemicals and keeping track of the data that is produced as a result of the tests.

Additionally research technicians who work in a laboratory setting are usually responsible for keeping track of laboratory supplies ordering supplies when needed and ensuring that laboratory equipment is clean maintained and in good working order.

Chemical research technicians who work in the process control sector also work under the direction of chemists but they usually work in industrial plants rather than research laboratories. One of the main factors upon which technicians working in process control focus is quality control of the chemicals being mass produced. Regardless of the sector the current trend in this industry is for all chemical research technicians to focus on improving processes and making advancements in chemical production so that they do not have a negative impact on the worlds environment.

The minimum education requirement for this profession is an associates degree but most chemical research technicians have a bachelors degree.

According to the median salary for a chemical research technician is $20.25 per hour which equates to an annual salary of $42120.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $42120
High Salary: $52120
Low Salary: $32120
Tasks: Works under the direction of chemists.
Focuses either on chemical development or chemical process control.
Tests chemicals and records data.
Ensures quality control over chemical production in industrial plants.
Also Called: Research Technician
Chemical Process Technician
Chemical Technician
Laboratory Technician
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