Chemical Project Engineer

The exact details of what a chemical project engineer does on a daily basis depends on what type of project they have been hired to complete. Chemical project engineers may work with the materials that chemists have developed in laboratories and figure out the best way to promote those materials for use in the retail manufacturing and industrial realms.

Many chemical project engineers work in the oil and gas and energy industries. In these industries their roles may revolve around figuring out ways to more efficiently transport hydrocarbons developing more cost-effective methods of removing oil from the ground or determining new and more efficient sources of natural energy.

If chemical project engineers are hired in the pharmaceutical industry they may work on projects such as developing new methods for mass-producing medicine without compromising its effectiveness. The industries that employ chemical project engineers are vast and their roles are essential to the development and progress of the world. In order to work as a chemical project engineer it is required that a bachelor's degree has been earned.

The degree must also come from a school that is accredited by the ABET which stands for the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Many chemical project engineers go on to earn master's degrees or doctoral degrees.

The salary for this career is very respectable and according to chemical project engineers can expect to earn a salary between $69000 and $133000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $101000
High Salary: $133000
Low Salary: $69000
Tasks: Works with materials chemists have developed.
Promotes the use of chemical materials.
Develops ways to mass-produce chemicals.
Works in several industries including energy, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas.
Also Called: Chemical Engineer
Project Engineer
Chemical Project Engineer Manager
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