Chemical Process Engineer

Chemical process engineers use their knowledge and background in both chemical reactions and mechanical processes that are needed to convert one form of matter into another. The purpose of transforming matter into new products is to benefit the environment and improve peoples quality of life.

Most chemical process engineers work on teams which also include chemical technicians to conduct experiments that ultimately result in products such as biofuels paper synthetic materials such as textiles cosmetics drugs and various food and beverage products. They often use computer models to determine the safest and most cost-effective means of producing these products.

Some chemical process engineers focus on designing plants machinery and quality control systems that will maximize the production of the product of interest. In general chemical process engineers work a 40-hour week though they may have to put in extra hours on occasion when there is pressure to meet a deadline. Aspiring chemical process engineers should have excellent math and science ability as well as computer skills and knowledge about commercial guidelines that apply to their work. Also they need to be skilled at planning and organizing projects and good at communicating and managing the other members of their team.

Chemical process engineers need at least a bachelors degree in chemistry andor engineering but working toward or completing a masters degree in chemical engineering will open up a wider array of job opportunities. Salaries for chemical process engineers vary widely depending upon training and experience. states that the average salary for a chemical process engineer is $92000 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $92000
High Salary: $102000
Low Salary: $82000
Tasks: Experiments with materials that will affect the environment.
Conducts chemical experiments.
Determines safe and cost-effective methods for producing chemicals.
Knowledgeable about chemical safety guidelines.
Also Called: Chemical Engineer
Process Engineer
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