Chemical Engineering Tech

The roles of a chemical engineering technician can be broad and complex. However their primary responsibility is to assist the chemical engineers with whom they work. Chemical engineering technicians usually work in a laboratory along with other members of a team conducting chemical experiments completing research studies or developing new experimental processes.

Some of the other responsibilities of a chemical engineering technician are observing chemical processes analyzing the results and making recommendations on how to improve the results. Additionally technicians keep meticulous notes on their findings so that results can be compiled and written into scientific documents that can be submitted to academic journals.

A chemical engineering technician is often more focused on specific chemical experiments than a chemical engineer who may have several projects going on at once. The majority of chemical engineering technicians have a minimum of an associates degree and most work regular 40-hour work weeks. Usually work is performed in laboratory or in an industrial setting.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there will be an increased demand for engineering technicians who have advanced technology skills and who have enough education and experience to jump right in to a new position with little need for on the job training.

According to the BLS the average salary for engineering technicians is approximately $50000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $50000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Assists chemical engineers in the laboratory.
Conducts chemical experiments.
Analyzes research findings.
Makes recommendations on how to improve results of chemical experiments.
Also Called: Engineering Laboratory Assistant
Engineering Technician
Engineering Assistant
Chemical Laboratory Assistant
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