Chemical Analyst

A chemical analyst spends a significant amount of time in a laboratory filled with chemicals glass bottles test tubes and mixing sticks. This is a highly scientific profession and chemical analysts conduct research studies using mixtures of chemicals. Many times research findings and results are submitted to scientific journals for a chance at being published

. This field of science is revolved around discovering how different chemicals react with each other when they are combined in various quantities. The industries that require employees that specialize in this type of science are generally research sectors and industrial corporations. Some chemical analysts work on a particular project for a short amount of time but other projects can last years.

A bachelors degree with a major in chemistry or another highly scientific field is required for this profession. However to truly succeed as a chemical analyst its essential to be extremely detail oriented have the ability to understand scientific terminology possess a high level of mathematical understanding and have a strong drive and desire to achieve positive scientific results even if it means trying an experiment over and over again until the desired outcome is achieved.

According to the salary range for this career is $31936 through $53612 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $42774
High Salary: $53612
Low Salary: $31936
Tasks: Conducts research studies using chemicals.
Analyzes the reaction when chemicals are mixed together.
Complies scientific results into written documents.
Works with a team of chemists in a laboratory.
Also Called: Laboratory Analyst
Scientific Analyst
Engineering Analyst
Chemical Laboratory Analyst
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