Astrophysics is a subfield of astronomy that applies physics to the universe. Astrophysicists study the physical properties of the universe including interactions between properties such as density temperature chemical composition and luminosity of stars planets and galaxies.

Astrophysicists use mathematics physics and computing skills to study how stars planets and galaxies are formed. The research they conduct makes use of data collected from observations made by satellites and ground-based telescopes. Most astrophysical observations are made with the electromagnetic spectrum. They are generally in charge of calibrating the instruments used and the data that will be analyzed statistically. They are usually expected to publish their findings in scientific sources and many astrophysicists teach at an observatory university or museum.

The individual who aspires to enter this field must have a thorough background in astronomy and physics mathematics and chemistry. A solid science background at the undergraduate level will prepare himher for graduate studies in applied mathematics or physics. It is helpful to have computer skills as well as art skills. Jobs in this field are available but proper education and training is essential.  Consider a career as an Astrophysicist.

The annual earnings for astrophysicists varies depending upon employer and years of experiences. reports that as of November 2010 the salary for astrophysicists ranged from approximately $39000 to $95000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $67000
High Salary: $95000
Low Salary: $39000
Tasks: Studies how planets, stars, and masses in outer space are formed.
Writes for research journals and teaches at colleges, universities, museums, or other scientific institutions.
Highly experienced in astronomy, physics, mathematics, and chemistry.
Works with scientific instruments that study the universe.
Also Called: Physicist
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