Utility Worker

Utility workers are employed in several industries. Not only do they work for utility companies but they also work for various employers as installation workers maintenance workers and production workers. They can also be required to work alongside engineers and electricians and provide assistance when needed. Utility workers can find employment in the gas water sewage electricity mining farming landscaping and sanitation industries and they also are also commonly employed by manufacturing companies. According to the website www.ehow.com utility workers must be able to effectively utilize hand tools machinery and other equipment that is used to make install and fix different types of appliances and fixtures. Additionally they must have the ability to lift heavy objects because they might be responsible for loading and unloading items from freight trucks as well as assemble heavy items. Therefore excellent physical condition is a must for this profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics utility workers can find employment after having earned a high school diploma or the equivalent but those who have additional educational training such as a degree from a technical college can often find higher-level positions. Examples of work that entry-level utility workers might obtain include working as an installer or as a maintenance worker. Due to the nature of their job utility workers must often work outdoors in all types of weather conditions. The average salary for a utility worker is $42000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $42000
High Salary: $44000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Installs parts and appliances.
Uses handtools and machinery.
Performs manual labor.
Cuts wood and shapes metal parts.
Also Called: Utility Industry Worker
Electrical Worker
Waster Water Worker
Manufacturing Worker
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6568378_utility-worker-job-description.html