Library Technician

Library technicians sometimes called library technical assistants or media aides assist librarians by organizing materials such as periodicals getting volumes ready to be sent for binding shelving books and helping library patrons find materials. However library technicians may also pay a role in maintaining and upgrading the library’s technology as far as updating automated data bases and internet services. When libraries have bookmobiles the outings are organized by library technicians who decide what books to include and often accompany the bookmobile to answer questions and check out the books. Library technicians with experience are often in charge of interlibrary loan requests and they may operate audiovisual equipment when it is needed. In most cases library technicians are supervised by librarians but in recent years many have been working more independently. According to the website library technicians in smaller libraries are usually responsible for a variety of tasks but those in larger libraries often specialize in one area of work. Library technicians work in local libraries as well as libraries located in colleges and universities. However they may also be employed by libraries in government agencies corporations law firms museums and medical centers. The website says that some libraries only require library technicians to have a high school diploma. But others want library technicians to have a college degree in a subject related to library science. The median annual salary that library technicians earn is approximately $27000. Those working in college and university libraries generally earn more than those in other types of libraries.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26560
High Salary: $30560
Low Salary: $22560
Tasks: Works under the supervision of a librarian.
Organizes and maintains shelves.
Handles interlibrary book requests.
Helps library visitors find books and information.
Also Called: Circulation Assistant
Library Assistant
Media Aid
Library Technical Assistant
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