Registered Psychiatric Nurse

A nurse who specializes in helping patients with mental health issues and personality disorders is called a registered psychiatric nurse or “RPN.” There are two types of registered psychiatric nurses. One is considered to be a basic psychiatric nurse and the other is considered to be an advanced psychiatric nurse. A basic-level registered psychiatric nurse is a nurse who works individually with patients and members of a community on a general level. Advanced-level psychiatric nurses provide more in-depth medical services to their patients. According to the website basic-level psychiatric nurses need an associate’s level degree in nursing and advanced-level psychiatric nurses need a master’s degree or sometimes even a doctoral degree in nursing. Only aspiring registered psychiatric nurses with a true desire to help individuals with mental health issues will succeed in this profession because it requires dealing with patients who are experiencing mild to severe mental illnesses. Working with such patients can be extremely trying and even with the help and direction of a physician andor psychiatrist it is a profession that requires extreme dedication and a passion to help others. Registered psychiatric nurses must have excellent communication skills because they are responsible for conveying information regarding a patient’s treatment plan and condition to family members and care-takers. They must also keep meticulous records in their patients’ medical charts. Registered psychiatric nurses can find employment in a variety of settings including designated psychiatric hospitals regular hospitals assisted living facilities and within private homes. The salary range for a registered psychiatric nurse is between $25000 and $70000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $47500
High Salary: $70000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Provides care to patients with mental and emotional medical issues.
Works with individuals with personality disorders.
Observes patients and reports on behavioral changes.
Attends and oversees group therapy sessions.
Also Called: Mental Health Nurse
Registered Nurse
Mental Health Nurse
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