Psychiatric Aide

Individuals who are mentally disabled or have emotional issues often need to be cared for by people who are compassionate and who sincerely want to help them. Psychiatric aides who are sometimes referred to as “mental health assistants” or “psychiatric nursing assistants” usually work in hospital settings under the supervision of doctors andor nurses. Psychiatric aides are responsible for assisting patients with basic tasks such as eating bathing and dressing. In addition they are often in charge of escorting patients to other locations in the facility for examinations treatments therapy and recreational programs. Of all the staff in the facility psychiatric aides probably spend the most time interacting with patients one-on-one. They may participate in activities such as playing cards with the patients or watching television with them and occasionally they lead patients on outings from the facility. In addition to working in hospitals psychiatric aides are also employed by residential psychiatric facilities and home health care agencies. The website says that psychiatric aides only need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some states require psychiatric aides to be certified upon completion of a formal training program but in most cases the facility that hires the psychiatric aide provides informal on-the-job training. According to the website psychiatric aides earn annual salaries ranging from $20000 and $28000 with an average of approximately $24000. If paid on an hourly basis the median amount psychiatric aides earn is approximately $11.19 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $24000
High Salary: $28000
Low Salary: $20000
Tasks: Records information regarding patients' conditions.
Administers medications.
Encourages patients to participate in activities.
Helps patients eat, bathe, and dress.
Also Called: Mental Health Assistant
Psychiatric Nursing Assistant
Mental Health Aid
Psychiatric Assistant
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