Professional Athlete

Professional athletes are paid to play sports. Their teams have many fans that pay money to watch them play and they are expected to perform well in front of a crowd. They are individuals who are strong have natural athletic talents and who have a solid desire to win. It takes many years of dedication and training to become a professional athlete. Many start their training when they are young and they gradually progress to college-level competitions. During their late teenage years or their early 20s athletes are selected to play for professional-level teams. Some of the most widely known types of professional sports teams include ice hockey football baseball and basketball. However there are also athletes who play tennis soccer golf and several other sports as paid professionals. Those who are members of a large team are usually paid a specific yearly salary but other professional athletes who play individual sports are paid only if they win a tournament. Professional athletes are often paid money by sponsors as well. The educational requirement for a professional athlete varies by the type of sport. For example professional football players are often recruited from college teams so their presence at a 4-year college or university is essential. However other types of athletes can progress their careers by finishing high school and moving directly into a professional athletic position. Professional athletes must constantly train for their sport and must maintain healthy and strong bodies. Often professional athletes retire from their athletic careers at a relatively young age at which point they enter a different profession or they retire. The website states that the average yearly salary for a professional athlete is $62960 per year. The most well-known and high-profile professional athletes however can earn more than $1 million per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $62960
High Salary: $72960
Low Salary: $52960
Tasks: Participates in professional athletic sporting events.
Exercises and practices for competitions.
Represents their athletic team in public.
Helps charities with fundraising efforts.
Also Called: Professional Sports Competitor
Sports Figure
Sports Star
Competitive Sports Player
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