Physical Chemist

Chemists work in laboratories to study and conduct research on chemical elements and compounds. According to physical chemists specifically study why different chemical materials behave the way they do. They also examine how different chemical materials respond when they are mixed together. Physical chemists conduct research studies so they can determine new ways in which chemicals can be used for the benefit of humans. The website describes the working environment for a physical chemist as a laboratory setting. Physical chemists spend most of their time conducting chemistry research studies. Due to the nature of their work and their need to constantly perform chemical experiments physical chemists spend a great deal of time sitting and standing in front of laboratory equipment. However they also spend time working at desks where they compile data obtained from research study results. Physical chemists are employed within many different industries. Many work for colleges or universities where they are professors as well as researchers some work in the manufacturing industry and some work in the pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of the employer however physical chemists work towards similar goals which revolve around discovering the behavior of chemicals elements and compounds and studying and uncovering new uses for them. Physical chemists have a minimum educational background of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry but many have master’s degrees or Ph.Ds. In order to work for a college or university as a full professor a Ph.D. is usually mandatory. reports that the salary range for physical chemists is typically between $32500 and $80100 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $56300
High Salary: $80100
Low Salary: $32500
Tasks: Studies why chemical materials behave the way they do.
Determines what causes two or more chemical substances to react when they are mixed together.
Works to uncover new uses for chemical elements and compounds.
Researches solids, liquids and gasses.
Also Called: Laboratory Chemist
Chemical Scientist
Materials Chemist
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