Massage Therapist

Massage therapists give massages and other body treatments to customers with the goal of relieving discomfort and tension. Sometimes they give massages for remedial purposes such treating athletes who have suffered from injuries. Massage therapists must be knowledgeable about body pressure points soft tissue joint function and muscle problems. To give massages they use their hands and equipment often coupled with oils and lotions. In some cases they may also use infrared or ultraviolet lamps and wet compresses. Massage therapists work in health clubs resorts spas country clubs community centers and physical therapy settings. Some go into private practice in which case they must have their own equipment such as a table sheets and pillows and oils. Massage therapists can work in a specific location but some visit businesses at specific times or give sessions in people’s homes. Massage therapists need a high school diploma or the equivalent after which they can attend a school that offers formal training in massage therapy. These programs are generally six to 12 months in duration and include classes in the theory and practice of massage as well as anatomy physiology hygiene public health and professional ethics. An exam with both written and practical parts is required by more than half the States in the United States. The website says that the employment outlook for massage therapists is good due in part to the increasing number of health clubs as well as a trend for companies to hire massage therapists as a means of increasing employee productivity by relieving stress. The median hourly wage for massage therapists is $15.36 not including customer tips. However experienced massage therapists can earn $50 an hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $72800
High Salary: $104000
Low Salary: $41600
Tasks: Specializes in different types of massage to help clients with different needs.
Concentrates on client's areas of discomfort.
Follows proper sanitary procedures.
Keeps detailed records of the therapies used on clients.
Also Called: Natural Healer
Therapeutic Massage Therapist
Swedish Massage Therapist
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