Jockeys race horses for a living. They are paid by the owners of race horses to partake in races and the more races they win the more money they make. In order to win races jockeys must train on a daily basis. They must develop a trusting relationship with the horse they race and they must know the capabilities of the horse. The main goal of a jockey is to win races. Therefore they keep their riding equipment in top condition at all times and they follow the instructions and guidance given to them by their trainer. The path to becoming a jockey is to first serve as an apprentice so that all aspects of the trade can be learned over time. Besides learning how to race horses aspiring jockeys learn during their apprenticeship how to take care of horses how to exercise them and how to properly feed them. Due to weight restrictions when racing horses jockeys should weigh no less than 100 pounds and no more than 150 pounds. They must be able to ride horses on a professional level be physically conditioned and have athletic bodies. In addition to an apprenticeship jockeys also need a license to race. According to the website jockeys typically earn a salary close to $30000 per year. However jockeys who frequently win races and become well-known by the public can earn a significantly higher salary. Upon retirement from racing many jockeys become trainers to new apprentices or they own stables where race horses are kept.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $30000
High Salary: $35000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Competes in professional horse races.
Maintains riding equipment.
Exercises horses.
Travels to various horse races and competitions.
Also Called: Horse Racer
Horse Trainer
Horserace Competitor
Professional Horse Racer
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