Golf Pro or Golf Instructor

Golf prosinstructors enter the profession of teaching golfing skills to groups or individuals because they love the game and want to encourage others to become successful golfers. Entering a career as a golf proinstructor requires a specific level of golf knowledge and the ability to teach others how to correctly swing their golf clubs. The website states that individuals aspiring to become golf prosinstructors often enroll in local golf tournaments so that potential employers can observe their skill level. While golf prosinstructors do not have to be professional golfers or even retired professional golfers they must be able to teach basic skills and how to execute hitting a golf ball. Many golf prosinstructors are employed to teach beginners basic techniques such as how to hold a golf club and how to putt a golf ball. Golf prosinstructors who work with entry-level students must have the patience to go over the same instructions many times. Some golf prosinstructors work with moderate-level to experienced golfers teaching them how to improve their already good golfing skills. With higher level instruction golf prosinstructors often videotape their students and then use the video to help the students see how they can correct their swings. While it is usually acceptable to give golf lessons without certification many who are serious about becoming full-time golf prosinstructors choose to become certified. There are professional organizations such as the United States Golf Teachers Federation (“USGTF”) which provides career information job leads and professional support to their members. The salary for golf prosinstructors varies greatly depending on the employer but states that the average yearly salary for golf prosinstructors is $50000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $50000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Explains the rules of the game to students.
Teaches golf club swinging techniques.
Demonstrates knowledge and ability.
Provides encouragement to new golfers.
Also Called: Golf Teacher
Professional Golfer
Golf Trainer
Golf Coach
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