Golf Course Tech

Most golf courses especially private ones have grass that is perfectly cut bright green and free of debris. It takes a team of workers to get golf courses looking beautiful and the work of a golf course technician is instrumental in achieving the pristine environment that most golf courses represent. Golf course technicians are normally on the job very early in the morning. They mow the grass ensure the sprinklers are working properly and spread fertilizer so that everything remains as green as possible. They often complete a majority of their job tasks in the morning before any golfers arrive at the golf course and they are usually finished with their daily duties by the early afternoon. The job of a golf course technician can be physically draining. Most job duties require that the technician work outside and despite the fact that there may be a riding lawn mower available at the golf course other job duties can be strenuous and labor intensive. Broken tree branches must be removed from the course items that blow onto the golf course must be picked up immediately and drainage ditches must be cleaned. However despite the physical intensity associated with this profession golf course technicians often receive perks from their jobs. For example states that some technicians are sometimes allowed to play free rounds of golf in the afternoon hours. There is no specific educational requirement for a job as a golf course technician and many necessary skills can be learned on the job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the future for this career is good. Basic level golf technicians earn between $12 and $14 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $27040
High Salary: $29120
Low Salary: $24960
Tasks: Mows the grass on golf courses.
Ensures that golf course sprinklers are working properly.
Removes any trash and debris from the golf course.
Keeps the golf course looking clean and organized.
Also Called: Lawn Care Technician
Golf Course Maintenance Crew Worker
Golf Course Superintendent
Golf Course Manager
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