Snowboard and Ski Instructor

Ski and snowboard instructors have the task of teaching others how to ski and snowboard. Because of the need to work in a mountainous region and the need for snow and cold weather many ski and snowboard instructors can only work in this field for half of the year. During the off-season many ski and snowboard instructors work at other jobs while they wait for the winter season to begin. They often work in retail outlets or as waiterswaitresses in ski resort towns during the warm months of the year. While on duty as ski and snowboard instructors they must have the ability to teach individuals of all ages – ranging from two years old to senior citizens – how to develop their skiing and snowboarding skills. They may be responsible for working with students with a varying range of skill sets. Therefore a high level of patience and the ability to encourage new skiers and snowboarders is essential. According to the website the typical responsibilities of a ski and snowboard instructor include teaching both individual and group lessons being able to convey lesson schedules to participants and repeating techniques to novice skiers and snowboarders who may be not be quick learners. In order to become a ski and snowboard instructor it is not essential to have a formal education. However most employers prefer that their instructors have at least a high school diploma. More important than a classroom education is the ability to teach skiing and snowboarding skills to students in an effective friendly and confident manner. The website states that the salary level for ski and snowboard instructors is basically the same but in general there is less competition for snowboarding positions. The average rate of pay is $14 to $15 per hour. Additionally certification is usually required and can be obtained from the Professional Ski Instructors of America or the American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30160
High Salary: $31200
Low Salary: $29120
Tasks: Teaches others how to ski and snowboard.
Participates in training clinics.
Knows how to motivate others to improve their skills.
Encourages new skiers and snowboarders to continue their training.
Also Called: Snow School Instructor
Ski School Supervisor
Ski and Snowboard Teacher
Ski and Snowboard Coach
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