Skin Care Specialist

Skin care specialists are also commonly known as “cosmetologists” or “estheticians.” They are professionals who work with individual customers to examine treat and beautify their skin. They help their clients to achieve soft and healthy skin on their faces as well as their entire bodies. Some of the typical responsibilities of skin care specialists include teaching their clients how to properly take care of their skin applying creams and lotions to their clients’ skin treating their clients’ skin with peels masks and creams and recommending products for their customers to purchase. Skin care specialists usually work in salons or spas but the can also be self-employed. They must have excellent customer services and listening skills because their customers often come to them for advice on how they can improve problems they are having with their skin. They must be knowledgeable about skin care products and they must demonstrate a caring and concerned attitude towards their customers. According to the website when skin care specialists work in a spa or salon they are often responsible for promoting and selling certain types and brands of skin care products and are often required to sell a certain amount of the products on a daily andor weekly basis. In order to become a skin care specialist a certificate must be achieved and a license issued by the state in which they work must be obtained. The website lists the salary range for skin care specialists between $19257 and $38190 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $28723.5
High Salary: $38190
Low Salary: $19257
Tasks: Teaches clients how to care for and clean their skin.
Examines clients' skin.
Applies skin-care products to clients.
Cleanses clients' skin.
Also Called: Cosmetologist
Make-Up Artist
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