A manicurist is also commonly called a “nail technician” or a “cosmetologist.” Their main job duty is ensuring that their clients’ fingernails and toenails look healthy and polished. Manicurists typically work in beauty salons or spas but some are self employed and have regular customers who visit them on a scheduled basis. The website states that some of the services that manicurists provide include trimming their clients’ nails shaping nails with scissors and nail files putting on nail polish affixing acrylic nails or nail extensions and giving their clients advice on how to care for their nails. A manicurist’s job is much more complex than simply cutting and polishing nails. Manicurists must have friendly personalities and be able to build a rapport with their clients so that they have a recurring customer base and so that they receive higher tips. Part of their job requirement if they work for a salon or spa is sometimes selling products such as nail polish to customers from the salon or spa’s store. The requirements for becoming a manicurist vary by state but usually require a certificate from a licensed cosmetology school hands-on training and a license. The website states that manicurists earn approximately $10.65 to $13.93 per hour depending on experience and longevity at a salon or spa. However actual take-home pay can be significantly higher depending on tips and commission made when client’s purchase items. Manicurists usually work 40 hours per week but work hours often include Saturdays. Additionally manicurists must spend most of their day in a sitting position with the ability to take breaks only between client appointments.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $25563
High Salary: $28974
Low Salary: $22152
Tasks: Works in a spa or beauty salon.
Cares for client's nails and cuticles.
Trims, files, shapes and paints nails.
Advises clients on nail care techniques.
Also Called: Nail Technician
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