Cosmeticians are employed by stores that sell beauty products as well as by salons pharmacies and department stores usually at skin care and cosmetics counters. However some work as sales representatives for companies that manufacture cosmetics.

According to the website cosmeticians need a high school diploma. Once they find employment they are often trained on-the-job and depending on the employer they may be sent to cosmetic demonstrations or seminars on techniques of applying cosmetics which are sometimes sponsored by cosmetics manufacturers.

Cosmeticians may demonstrate the use of products using videos but more often they apply products directly to customers. Cosmeticians who have experience working in a store or salon and show evidence of managerial skills may eventually become supervisors.

Cosmeticians must be skilled at promoting as well as applying beauty products and they must have good interpersonal skills because they spend a great deal of time talking with customers and advising them as to what color and type of products will enhance their appearance and their skin type.

Usually cosmeticians work 40 hours per week but some of those hours are in the evening and on weekends. Their earnings range from approximately $11000 to approximately $46000 with an average of approximately $20000. However they may be paid commissions in addition to a regular salary.

Those working for large stores and companies are usually entitled to benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $28500
High Salary: $46000
Low Salary: $11000
Tasks: Sells beauty supplies.
Demonstrates how to used make-up.
Advises customers on what products to buy.
Helps customers enhance their appearance.
Also Called: Make-Up Artist
Cosmetics Professional
Beauty Supply Salesperson
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