Legal Transcriptionist

Legal transcriptionists are essential members of the legal professional field. Because permanent written legal transcriptions are essential records of what transpires during legal trials legal interviews and during interrogations skilled legal transcriptionists are in high demand. The website states that legal transcriptionists can work in one of many different work environments such as small or large legal offices in state county or federal courts at insurance companies or at banks. Regardless of the specific employer it is essential for legal transcriptionists to have an excellent grasp of legal terminology and the ability to type quickly and without errors. Some but not all employers require that their legal transcriptionists be formally trained and have a certificate in legal transcription. The ultimate goal of a legal transcriptionist is to take recorded legal information and transform it into a typed format that is free of any spelling and grammar errors is organized is easy to read and can be used as a resource in the future. When legal transcriptionists work in law firm settings they are often responsible for various administrative duties besides their transcription work depending on the needs of the office. Typically administrative duties that may be assigned to legal transcriptionists at law firms include typing various forms of legal correspondence filing legal documents maintaining an attorney’s calendar and setting up appointments. According to the website legal transcriptionists earn a yearly salary between $24000 and $37500.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $30750
High Salary: $37500
Low Salary: $24000
Tasks: Transfers dictation to word processing software.
Compiles legal reports.
Has a high level grasp of legal terminology.
Corrects grammatical errors.
Also Called: Legal Stenographer
Legal Document Transcriptionist
Court Reporter
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