Legal Secretary

Legal secretaries work in law firms corporations or government offices. In large firms they may be members of a secretarial pool that does work for a large number of attorneys but in smaller firms or offices they work for one or several attorneys. According to the website they perform a variety of tasks that require some understanding of legal procedures as well as knowledge about the correct format for legal documents which they must read and transcribe. They are responsible for typing and proofreading legal documents keeping up-to-date records of case files and often for collecting relevant information on clients. They schedule appointments and attend important meetings to take notes. Most legal secretaries perform routine office tasks such as answering the phone filing faxing preparing correspondence and making sure all correspondence is sent via mail e-mail or fax. Legal secretaries are not authorized to give legal advice to clients but are only allowed to carry out procedures that have been authorized by attorneys. Other than a high school diploma there is no specific educational requirement for legal secretaries. However the website says that employers usually give preference to applicants with several years of clerical experience and some knowledge of the law gained from post-secondary coursework or prior employment in the legal field. Legal secretaries must be skilled at using word processing software and they must have a good working relationship with other office employees and with court personnel. It is important that they maintain confidentiality with regard to all business that transpires in the office or firm. The website says that entry-level salaries for legal secretaries range from approximately $25000 to $28000 a year. However with several years of experience and expertise they can earn between $45000 and $65000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $65000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Organizes attorney calendars.
Files, faxes and copies documents.
Completes legal office work.
Organizes legal files.
Also Called: Legal Assistant
Law Firm Administrator
Legal Administrator
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