Legal Receptionist

A legal receptionist is usually positioned at a desk just inside the main entrance to a law firm or legal office. It is their job to answer the law office’s main phone line and direct calls to the appropriate people. They also must greet visitors to the law office and ensure that guests are comfortable while they are waiting to be seen. Along with their telephone and greeting responsibilities legal receptionists are often asked to complete other administrative tasks when they have time. Some job requirements may include drafting letters creating and maintaining client files stuffing envelopes for mailings assisting with billing entering billable hours for attorneys and ordering office supplies for the office. Due to the fact that legal receptionists work in law-related environment it’s helpful if they are familiar with legal terminology and can read basic legal documents with a certain level of understanding. In order to be highly successful in the position of a legal receptionist it is helpful to have a friendly yet professional personality enjoy greeting office visitors and be confident when answering phone calls. While there is not a specific educational requirement for a career as a legal receptionist most employers prefer a high school diploma or the equivalent. However some prefer that their legal receptionists have an associate’s degree with some legal-related coursework. Other required knowledge includes the ability to handle a multi-line phone system and how to transfer phone calls into voice mail. With an increased reliance on technology legal receptionists must also know how to use texting and instant messaging to immediately get a hold of the attorneys in their office. The website lists the average annual yearly salary for a legal receptionist is $31000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $31000
High Salary: $41000
Low Salary: $21000
Tasks: Answers incoming phone calls at law firms.
Greets law firm guests.
Organizes legal files.
Takes phone messages for law firm attorneys and staff.
Also Called: Legal Secretary
Legal Administrative Assistant
Legal Office Manager
Legal Assistant
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