Legal Office Administrator

Law office administrators are often referred to as “law office managers.” Most attorneys need the help of legal office administrators so that that their firms run smoothly and so that the attorneys do not have to focus their valuable time on administrative tasks and operational duties that are required to keep their offices functioning effectively. Legal office administrators are just as important to the success of law firms as the attorneys completing the legal work for clients. A law firm is just like any other business and needs one or more administrators who are in charge of taking care of hiring and managing office staff overseeing accounts payable and accounts receivable and keeping track of department budgets. The educational requirement for a career as a legal office administrator is an associate’s degree but many have bachelor’s degrees with majors in a subject areas related to business administration or office management. An associate’s degree in legal office administration prepares aspiring administrators for careers in the legal field. Associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree programs teach students about bookkeeping for law firms how to conduct legal research how to use computer software programs designed for legal offices and how to be effective managers in a legal environment. Many legal office administrators begin their careers as legal assistants or paralegals but some enter this career directly from school or from another job as an office administrator in a non-legal environment. The website states that the average yearly salary for a legal office administrator is $70430.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $70430
High Salary: $80430
Low Salary: $60430
Tasks: Controls a law firm's finances.
Completes legal administrative tasks.
Determines the changing needs of a law firm.
Helps to plan marketing strategies.
Also Called: Law Firm Manager
Law Office Administrator
Law Firm Administrator
Legal Administrator
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