Legal Assistant

Legal assistants who are sometimes considered to be paralegals are professionals who assist attorneys in various aspects of their work. According to the website their responsibilities include typing legal documents corresponding with legal clients setting up legal depositions conducting legal research answering client phone calls and e-mails and helping attorneys prepare for trials. Many of their job duties overlap with those of paralegals but legal assistants tend to complete more secretarial duties than paralegals. They must be able to use computers to enter and store legal data to type legal documents and to draft correspondence. When their office maintains a legal library they can be responsible for keeping all volumes up to date. Legal assistants are not lawyers and are therefore not able to provide legal advice to clients. According to the website there are several ways to prepare for a career as a legal assistant. Some earn two-year associate’s degrees from paralegal programs sponsored by law schools business schools or community colleges. Others earn bachelor’s degrees after which they complete a certificate course in paralegal studies or graduate successfully from a paralegal training program. In some cases employers prefer to hire college graduates that have good clerical and analytical skills and then provide training themselves. Salaries for legal assistants depend on type of employer credentials and years of experience. Entry-level legal assistants earn annual salaries ranging from approximately $25000 to $35000 which can increase with experience. However certified legal assistants earn between $31000 and $49000 a year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $37000
High Salary: $49000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Assists lawyers in providing legal services to clients.
Drafts legal documents.
Completes legal administrative duties.
Conducts legal research for attorneys.
Also Called: Paralegal
Legal Secretary
Legal Administrator
Legal Administrative Assistant
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