Song Writer

Song writers compose songs. They write the lyrics or the melodies of songs or they sometimes write both. Song writers are sometimes referred to as “composers” “lyricists” or “writers”. Many song writers work on their own but some work with a partner or on teams. They compose songs using paper and pencil or computer software. Song writers have many purposes when they write. Some write songs for commercials while others market their work to publishers or agents that will eventually get singers to perform andor record it. Song writers must take care to protect their work by copyrighting it just in case it becomes a hit. Some song writers write a stream of hit songs while others write a one-hit song and no more. Some song writers never write a hit song. According to the website there is no specific educational requirement for becoming a song writer. Many are self-taught have a well-developed sense of melody and tone and are both persistent and creative. However people who aspire to a song writing career usually take at least some courses in harmony music theory lyric writing and orchestration. Many song writers are skilled at playing at least one musical instrument. With regard to earnings the website claims that determining an average income is difficult because many song writers are paid by the song and have second jobs that may not even be in the music field. Within the limitations in making a determination the average estimated annual salary is approximately $40000 with some earning under $15000 and others earning well over $100000. According to the website however the range of earnings is even broader anywhere from $0 to over $1000000 annually.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $57500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $15000
Tasks: Writes original songs.
Has extensive musical knowledge.
Incorporates music for accompanying instruments.
Performs written songs for evaluation by others.
Also Called: Lyricist
Music Writer
Lyrical Writer
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