Singers are individuals who have exceptionally fine voices with good pitch and who enjoy entertaining audiences. Singers sometimes called “vocal musicians” must be highly disciplined because they spend a great deal of time practicing to perfect their skills and presentation. Singers have a particular type of voice range. Examples of voice ranges are soprano alto tenor or base. They usually specialize in certain type of singing such as country western gospel or rock and roll. Some singers take a lead role but others sing in the background. Some sing solo whereas others sing as members of a group. Singers perform in a variety of venues including nightclubs theaters concert halls and religious institutions. They can give live performances or they may sing on television or the radio and some singers make recordings of their work. According to the website a career as a singer has no formal educational requirements although a background in music is extremely helpful. Singers often start out by singing in choirs at churches or schools. Many singers take courses at music schools colleges and universities which offer music classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is not uncommon for a successful singer to have earned a master’s degree in music with a concentration in vocal performance. Singers often take individual voice training lessons throughout their careers. Singing is a highly competitive career and only those with the greatest talent as well as opportunities for becoming recognized for it will have high earnings. The website reports that on average the annual salary for singers is approximately $35400.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $35400
High Salary: $40400
Low Salary: $30400
Tasks: Sings songs to entertain an audience.
Provides background singing for a lead singer.
Participates as a singer in a large group - such as a choir.
Plays a singing role in a theatrical production.
Also Called: Classical Singer
Back-Up Singer
Choir Singer
Performance Singer
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