Recording Engineer

A recording engineer is a professional in the sound and video recording industry. According to the website recording engineers are typically responsible for operating the sound and electrical equipment when music or videos are being recorded in a studio setting. Recording engineers work in a variety of industries – most of which are related to entertainment advertising or broadcasting. Some specific industries that hire recording engineers include radio stations movie production companies venues that host live musical or theatrical performances advertising agencies and television stations. During a recording session recording engineers must work collaboratively with many other recording engineers recording assistants and sound mixers. Additionally recording engineers must be able to work closely with recording producers and directors and they must be able to adjust recording equipment to meet the needs of any requests. Because of the nature of this profession most recording engineers must work irregular hours. Sometimes recording sessions take place at off-hours or during the middle of the night. Therefore an ability to work until 4 a.m. and be up and ready to meet with new clients the next day is essential for success in this field. Additionally an accommodating personality can help a recording engineer to succeed in this field because recording artists and other recording professionals often have extremely strong opinions and do not work well with engineers who are not flexible. While recording engineers do not need a formal degree in engineering for many specific jobs a minimum of an associate’s degree can help with obtaining higher-level positions. Many skills for this profession are learned through on-the-job training and many recording engineers start their career as assistants and then work their way up to the level of an official recording engineer. The website lists the average salary range for a recording engineer between $24100 and $81627. Those earning at the higher end of this average generally have many years of experience.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52863.5
High Salary: $81627
Low Salary: $24100
Tasks: Operates equipment during the recording of music.
Runs and maintains audio and video equipment.
Records and mixes sounds.
Understands current recording technology.
Also Called: Mix Engineer
Mastering Engineer
Recording Technician
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