Opera Singer

Opera singers are professionals who have a natural singing talent and who have flexible and loud singing voices. They are dedicated to their talent and profession and have the dedication to take voice lessons for many years and to practice for thousands of hours. Opera singers must not only enjoy singing but they must also have voices that are strong enough to carry throughout large theaters because their singing is not usually amplified. They must also have a desire to appear in stage productions and have a willingness to travel extensively in order to put on performances. In addition to live performances some opera singers also make recordings. Opera singers can be male or female and the range of their singing voices determines the roles they can play. Males’ singing voices fall into the bass baritone or tenor ranges whereas females’ singing voices fall into the alto mezzo-soprano or soprano ranges. The website www.ehow.com says that most opera singers have the equivalent of a college education that includes long hours being trained in both singing and acting. They also study languages such as French German Italian and Russian because most operas are not in English and singers must have a good idea of the meaning of what they are singing in order to convey the proper intonation. Being an opera singer is a highly competitive career but a small number become world famous. However all opera singers must be ready and willing to take part in numerous auditions and then to rehearse extensively prior to actual performances. According to the website httppagerankstudio.com top opera singers earn an average of $70000 per year but some earn much more.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $70000
High Salary: $80000
Low Salary: $60000
Tasks: Sings during stage productions.
Uses their voices as musical instruments.
Has a strong singing voice that does not require a microphone.
Enjoys performing in front of an audience.
Also Called: Singer
Theatrical Artist
Recording Artist
Additional Resources: http://www.getschooled.com/opera-singer